Monday, May 11, 2015

Killer On-Brand Packaging That Makes You Want to Buy

When it comes to making a purchasing decision, looks matter. They just do. And when you have a strong brand with a definitive look, you can make a purchasing decision a no-brainer for customers who share your values.

Custom packaging is an added expense, yes, but take a look at the creative concept approaches for these different companies. Some of these ideas made it to production, some of them did not.

Which ones grab your attention, and would they make you want to buy from that company?

Image credit: AdForum

Image credit: Envision
 (^^^Portion of purchase donated to breast cancer research.)

Image credit: Droold

Image credit: Yanko Design

Image credit: Backbone Branding

Image credit: Lo Siento

Image credit: Yanko Designs

Image credit: Corrine Pant

Image credit: Thelma's Treats

Image credit: Ashley Buerkett

Image credit: Hani Douaji

Image credit: Ralf Schroder

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