Monday, May 4, 2015

Marketing Fails

As you start to put your brand out into the world, not every step you take is going to be perfect. It's important to remember that even the big boys face plant now and again when broadcasting their brand out into the world.

There are great lessons to be learned in failing fast and recovering quickly, so don't beat yourself up too hard or too long if and when you step into a branding or marketing pothole.

As shown below, it happens to everyone.

Network TV branding fail.
Local news branding fail.

Inadvertent and/or humor fail in print ad.

A "Do they know what they're saying?" branding fail.

Epic oversight branding fail.

Crossing-the-line branding fail

Memorable, but...on brand?

Branding, or public service announcement?

Maybe not the gospel message they were trying for...

Remember: Branding miscommunications happen every day. When that happens, do what the best in the business do:

  • Learn from it
  • Fix it
  • Apologize (if needed)
  • Adjust your style guide (if needed)
  • Move forward
As with all things, the more practice you get putting your brand out there, the better you'll get.

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