Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Unsexy in Spirit

Admit it, when it comes spirit animals, you identify with the outward appearance of your muse more than the actual nature of an animal.

Looks matter. No need to lie about it.

I mean look at this.

The majesty. 

The might. 

The transcendence. 

Who wouldn’t want to self-identify with something so sleek and beautiful?

But I must confess that when it comes to life paths, I don’t necessarily want to graze all day like a deer or travel up to 80 miles to hunt down each and every meal like a wolf. Flying like an eagle might be cool, but for how long? All day, every day, day after day? At some point wouldn’t constant soaring get a bit boring?

Yes, my eyes like pretty as much as anyone's, but the deeper truth is that when it comes to navigating life, one creature inspires me above all others. Its adaptability and problem solving are second to none. And yes, it’s as ugly as sludge, but its ability to literally transform to navigate its environment is unparalleled.

I’m speaking of the octopus—nature’s ninja Zen master. I mean, can your spirit animal do this?

Or this?

Or compete against this “pinnacle of wizardry”?

There is certainly room for every type of spirit animal in the world. And sexy animals that photograph well certainly have their place. But when it comes to sheer adaptability and flexibility, I think the octopus has lessons I definitely need to learn.

How about you? What is your spirit animal?

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