Monday, March 2, 2015

BUILD YOUR BRAND: Now Available!

The Step-By-Step Guide to Build Your Brand: 16 Steps for Creating & Maintaining an Unforgettable Brand is now available, but there are a lot of articles and books about branding. How do you know if Build Your Brand is the right book for you?

What The Book Covers

Build Your Brand is a step-by-step system designed to concisely define and present your brand to customers and the world at large. The book walks you through:

  • Building a memorable brand identity 
  • Identifying and communicating your differentiators 
  • Attracting customers who share your vision 
  • Designing strategies for marketing materials and logo creation
  • How to create strong messaging that connects with customers

In Build Your Brand, you will be led through 16 steps that create the 4 tiers of successful branding.

The seamless integration of these 4 tiers and the 16 building blocks they are made of are the keys to creating the branding you need in any industry to succeed in today's world.

What The Book Does Not Cover

Build Your Brand is not a marketing book that tells you how to market your brand. Think of Build Your Brand as a manual walking you through how to build a sound and flyable custom model airplane, but not how a guide on how to fly your exact airplane.

How you ultimately market your brand will depend on your industry, your personality, and many other factors. But just like you need to make a product to sell it, you need to build a brand before you can effectively market it. That is what Build Your Brand focuses on.

If You Want to Create Stronger Customer Loyalty, This Book is for YOU 

Build Your Brand talks about how branding is a concept that a child can understand, but creating and maintaining a consistent brand identity is what separates the adults from the children.

To successfully brand, you need a system, you need a blueprint, and you need to stick to both. Build Your Brand gives you the information you need, and walks you through exercises that will help you form a brand customers can connect with and become loyal to.

The system is proven. Now let it work for you.

Get your copy of Build Your Brand on Amazon today!


Karlene said...

Just finished reading this. This is the easiest to understand book on branding I've ever read. I'm going to start recommending it to all my clients.

The Writer said...

Karlene, this is so great to hear! I hope your clients love it, and I hope it makes your job easier ;)

Thanks for the recommendation!